When Was The Last Time Your Roof Was Cleaned?

Safely and effectively cleaning your roof is a challenging task if you own a residential or commercial property. Keeping your roof structurally sound and intact year after year requires routine maintenance. Our cleaning professionals at RoofShark offer environmentally friendly solutions designed to clean your roof and last longer than normal pressure washing. 

Our Florida team of professional cleaners can provide the following services:

  • Soft wash roof cleaning
  • Bio-friendly roof cleaning

If you have struggled with (or neglected) giving your roof a good cleaning, our team at RoofShark can help. For more information on our services and to find the ideal option for your property, contact us at at (239) 220-8861 to set up your free estimate today!

What is Soft Wash? 

The soft wash process uses a chemical make-up additive that is completely biodegradable. This means there are no phosphates in our chemicals. Phosphates are what is added to most soaps to make them foam/create suds. The chemicals break down into carbon, water and salt within twenty (20) days of their introduction into the environment. Soft Wash can be used to clean mold, mildew, lichen and moss of materials, objects, and surfaces.

How does Soft Wash work? 

Many have heard of pressure washing, a process in which liquid is sprayed at a high pressure to assist in removing debris. Pressure washing is relatively quick with instant gratification, but can also cause further damage. 

Soft Wash allows for time to assist in the process and is kind to the surface it is cleaning. Soft Wash is a process in which liquid is sprayed at a lower pressure. The chemical does most of the work. Mold, mildew, lichen and moss have attached themselves to the surface, usually a roof, and embed their roots deep into the asphalt shingle, causing damage and unnecessary weight to the roof structure. Mold (black streaks), as well as bacteria, eats away at the limestone in the shingle causing erosion. Soft Wash is applied to the roof, killing the mold, mildew, lichen and/or moss. At this stage the natural item slowly releases itself from the shingle. 

Even though mold, mildew, lichen and moss are all low lying natural material they do have small root structures. These root structures grow into the shingle, staying firm to your roof. Soft Wash kills the natural item, allowing for the natural item to release itself from the surface. Wind and rain remove the natural item off of the roof.


Do you need to walk on my roof?  The short answer is yes, we do prefer to walk on the roof. There are several reasons we prefer to; one is the fact that we can not get a 100% kill ratio if we do not get on the roof. This leads to small areas of mold missed. When small areas of mold are missed, It now has an entire roof of new area to grow back and spread. That is exactly what it will do, much faster than if we kill all of it. Yes, most of the time we can stay off the roof for 90% of the job, but we like to do a final inspection of the roof from the roof itself. Also, if you have a large lanai we may have to get on the roof to finish the small area in the canter that we cannot get from the roof's edge. We do not always need to access your roof from roof level as our applicators are long enough to extend to the top of most homes roof lines. In certain situations we do need to walk on the roof at all. We, at RoofShark, are trained in safety and skilled in walking on roof. We are also fully insured, you can rest assured we are prepared to complete the job with quality and safety at the forefront.

Should I cover my plants around my house? Generally the chemical process does not kill matured plants or grass around your home or below the roof line. The chemical used, if diluted, is completely harmless to all plants. We pre-wet vegetation around the house as a precaution and then complete a final rinse when we are finished. Most FL outdoor plants have a strong resilient nature, some annual plants can be more sensitive. We recommend if you feel some of your plants may be of concern, please cover them before we come to clean your roof. 

How long does the process take? The time we spend at your house can vary. There are many factors with how long the application process may take; size of the roof, pitch of roof, level of natural growth etc… After the application process is complete, the roof should look as clean as new. Areas of thick growth (normally on the bottom edge of tile) may still have some debris, this debris will either dry up and fall off or rinse away with rain.

Does weather play a factor? Yes, weather is a key part of the chemical process. The enzyme that makes up the additive ideally needs air temps to be above 50 degrees. Mist or light rain may be an issue to the chemical. When the roof is wet or if it is raining the chemicals are unable to be absorbed by the organic matter. If weather becomes an issue we will ask to reschedule your cleaning.