DECO Products

Deco 20

Deco 20 is a reactive sealer designed to seal and protect concrete surfaces and materials from the damaging effects of water. 100% transparent and will keep away mildew growth on roofs, sidewalks, patios and other concrete surfaces

Silicas BES

Renew and enhance concrete pavers, concrete roof tiles and other porous substrates. Unlike topical acrylic sealers SILACAST BES penetrates deep into the substrate enhancing the natural colors of the material. Topical sealers also require harsh chemicals to remove after a year or so before applying a new coat. SILACAST BES does not require stripping. BES WILL NOT TURN WHITE!

BES Tints/Color Change

Adding tints like red, brown, or black, to revitalize the natural color, or to color change a driveway, roof, pool deck, walkway, or other porous substrate. 


TRAVACAST is a single component acrylic sealer designed to enhance non-porous materials like Travertine, Spanish Tile or Natural Stones. It will also restore any of these materials to their original shine. TRAVACAST has superior adhesion to non-porous concretes and tiles and comes UV protected.

What Can We Seal?


Bring back your pavers to looking vibrant and new with our BES. We can even add tint to restore color. Enhanced or natural available.


Dramatically increase the amount of time it takes for new growth. Up to 15 year guarantee.  We can even color change a roof with tint. Enhanced or natural available.


Protect your driveway or garage floor from oil spills and other debris. This will also dramatically reduce paint waist on cement and brick.


Revitalize your blacktop with our eco-friendly non-toxic seal coat.


Want that shine again without the worry of spills or mold? We can add a very nice shine to any surface. Enhanced or natural available.

Salt Shield

Reduces mold growth and spalling of concrete. Dries clear, with no film or residue.